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Do You Know Your Options?

Managing debt during might seem impossible. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though.  Calvin L. Jackson, P.C. offers compassion, understanding and solutions to your problems. Stop Harassment Immediately! Calvin L. Jackson, P.C. also provides assistance with Consumer Debt Management options, including Delinquent Tax solutions. Available are exclusive services such as Debt Relief Option Analysis, and Comprehensive Debt Relief Planning. I want to help you by examining all options available, including alternatives to bankruptcy.

If it is determined filing for bankruptcy is the best method, we will also do an inclusive Asset Protection Review to ensure you can keep the assets, including your vehicles and your home. We will examine all options available to help in these rough economic times and alternatives to bankruptcy. Get your life back, TODAY, and keep your home. Help avoid liens, repossessions garnishments! Call 478-923-9611 for a free consultation!

Debt Relief Option Analysis

Your situation may not be the same as it was once. My clients have experienced job loss, life changes, reduced work hours or illness. As a result, you may feel you have far too many bills, credit card accounts, student loans, delinquent child support payments, home loans or vehicle loans. Past accounts that have charged-off or are delinquent can add even more stress to you and the situation. We can examine all of your options, and provide the best strategy to recover from your debt.

Comprehensive Debt Relief Planning

Are struggling to keep up with current debt, such as your mortgage payment, student loans, car loans, medical bills credit card loans and other bills? Call John Doe to review your options and receive a customized plan of attack to reduce, or even eliminate your debt.

Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Alternatives

Bankruptcy is not as scary as it seems, it is not an end, it is a new beginning. In fact, it can be a new lease on life. Filing for Bankruptcy can provide you with peace of mind, and relief from creditors calling. John Doe has a compassionate and knowledgeable approach to filing options. If you have had repossessions, charged off accounts, or foreclosures, call to discuss your options for clearing your debts and starting your financial life over. Even if your accounts have not been closed, a repossession has not yet occurred, or a foreclosure has not happened yet, call for a consultation. Preemptive action can be made before the stress of the situation increases. Options exist to help you keep your vehicles and home.

Different options exist to handle your debt. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy option provides a discharge of all debt. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy option provides a restructuring of all debt. Often it may be difficult to decide which route to pursue. With over 17 years of experience, John Doe. can help you decide!

Asset Protection Review

You do not have to lose your home, your vehicles or your boat. We will review and discuss all options available to help you keep your assets. If you are in jeopardy of losing these items, call immediately so we can take a pro-active approach to help you keep your assets. Call for assistance in order to prevent liens and garnishments before they occur.

Delinquent Tax Solutions

Sometimes it seems hard to keep up with your current tax situation. Liens against your tax refunds can also be hard to handle, and can increase the amount of debt you are currently carrying. Services include negotiating potential reduced penalties, and assisting in a plan to help reduce your current tax liability. A plan can also be developed to assist ensure you can keep your current taxes paid in an effort to reduce your overall debt.

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